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Codesign and evaluation of citizen curation activities

Case studies


Enable senior citizens and families living far from the museum to engage with culture and share how their personal artefacts and interpretations connect to Finnish culture. Support sharing of artefacts and interpretations in virtual and touring galleries to provoke understanding and contributions across family generations and geographical communities.


Support groups who are less able to visit the museum physically, such as asylum seekers and children with serious illnesses, to access collections and share their own perspectives. Make perspectives available online and in the museum. Encourage visitors to think about universal, personal themes such as family to make interconnections across groups.


Actively engage children, including those from lower socio-economic groups who may not consider science interesting or a career option, through activities such as games and puzzles. Make anonymised contributions available across groups to explore differences of opinion on biodiversity and what individuals can and should do to protect the environment.


Enable deaf people and other visitors to actively participate in cultural interpretation and storytelling and connect and share interpretations through social media functions. Enable the contributions of deaf people to be digitally accessible to others in the museum and online. Interconnect contributions using story features such as characters and emotions.


Enable members of religious and secular communities, in particular minority communities, to express and share their viewpoints and appreciate the variety of opinion even within a community. Provide support in the museum for accessing and exploring opinions across different communities in order to find similarities and also respect and understand differences.

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