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Meet SPICE Work Packages: Integrating Systems for Citizen Curation

Let's get to know it! Today in "Meet Spice", following on the objectives and relations of SPICE Work Packages, it is time to know about SPICE Work Package 6: Integrating Systems.

What is WP6's work based on?

SPICE WP6 is developing an integrated socio-technical system for citizen curation by devising a core technical research infrastructure where ontologies and semantic reasoning services will be used for the description and interpretation of user activities.

Our goal is to provide both a conceptual and system integration of the different services developed in the project. The conceptual integration is based on the development of a network of ontologies that will support service interoperability and content enrichment of museum objects via reasoning; the system integration involves the coordination of the interfacing components from the other technical WPs.

We work in close relation with WP4 ("Distributed Linked Data social media layer") for what concerns the support of knowledge exchange formats used to trigger reasoning activities and for the definition of "scripts" (i.e. the socio-technical activities leading citizens towards the processes of interpretation and reflection). Scripts also provide the blueprint for integrating user and community modelling and recommendations with an ontology-based content enrichment.

"Currently, we are developing the knowledge infrastructure modules (and models) to which user generated data and museum data will be connected in order to abstract them, reason on them and make them available to other services for an enriched experience that should enable the users to provide a personal sense-making activity over museum items and foster additional reflection in order to "break the bubble" of one own's perspective. This is an ambitious project in the context Cultural-AI and requires to resort and to integrate several components."

Antonio Lieto, University of Turin

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