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Share your view of art


Share your view of art

The IMMA case study supports visitors in using the collections to develop their own perspectives and share those with others in order to help people to appreciate alternative points of view. The case study has a particular emphasis on supporting groups who are less able to visit the museum physically such as asylum seekers and children living with serious illnesses, as well as groups from marginalised or under-served communities.

What's going on

In July we launched IMMA Viewpoints – an online activity for visitors to explore IMMA’s outdoor artworks on their phones. Users share their responses to prompts on the artworks, and explore other people’s viewpoints. We are also planning co-design workshops with community groups to develop a more advanced Slow Looking prototype. The Slow Looking prototype will enable citizens to take part in a broad range of interpretation activities as well as author their own activities for others to take part in. Take a look at the video below to know more about IMMA Viewpoints.

The musem

IMMA is Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for Modern and Contemporary Art. IMMA's diverse and ambitious programme includes a rich engagement and learning programme which provides audiences of all ages the opportunity to connect with contemporary art and unlock their creativity.


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