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Tell us a story: interpret, interact, reflect


Tell us a story: interpret, interact, reflect

GAMgame invites visitors to give their interpretation of artworks belonging to the Galleria d'Arte Moderna. It encourages visitors and users' participation with mostly non-verbal communication. Our targeted audience is the deaf community, in particular teenagers. The goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment in the museum and we expect to consolidate the presence of the deaf community in our institution.

What's going on

We are working closely with UniTO on a prototype interface of the GAMgame web application to gather data on artwork interpretation through emoticons and hashtags. The first tests have been held with school, to target teenagers and getting feedback on the first selection of artworks. This gave us a first response to the web app and the way teenagers used the artworks and tool we selected to create their own stories. We then expanded the selection of artworks and started testing the web application in the museum with our targeted community. We held study observation with two different groups from the deaf community: one with deaf teenagers who also had cognitive impairments and one with educators. We are now in the process of assessing their feedbacks and decide how to plan accordingly.

The prototype development and the testing activities inside and outside the museum are accompanied by the research activities on the personas and the scenario.

The musem

Comprising a collection of 45,000 works spanning a period from the XIX century to the present day, GAM offers its audience a wealth of events ranging from major exhibitions of Italian and artists to highly contemporary research dedicated to a young audience. The Education Department offers itineraries, activities and workshops for families, schools and people with disabilities.


University of Turin

Institute for Deaf People of Turin

Galleria d'Arte Moderna (GAM), Turin

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