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School students learn about history and about accepting other’s opinions


Accepting others' opinions

School students before, during and after a museum school trip will learn about their country’s history and at the same time learn about the diversity of opinions regarding historical and national issues. Students will learn to interpret museum artifacts according to their own personal views, reflect upon other student’s opinions, and perform citizen curation activities.

What's going on

We have been involving teachers and educators in the design of the activities and application, with teachers providing information and feedback on the educational goals of the system. We have designed and built a web application that would support students in the classroom, during the museum visit (on handheld devices), and after the visit. We have conducted a workshop with university students at the museum to examine how the planned activities can promote interpretation and reflection. School student groups are planned to arrive to the museum and participate in the activity starting from October, 2021.

The musem

The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum is a museum located on the grounds of the University of Haifa, Israel. The museum holds permanent exhibits displaying the archaeology and history of the Land of Israel. One of the prominent exhibits is the Ma'agan Michael Ship, the wreck of a fifth-century BCE merchantman


University of Haifa - information system department, education department

Hecht Museum

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