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Social cohesion, Participation, and
Inclusion through

The overall aim of the SPICE project is to develop tools and methods to support Citizen Curation, in which citizens actively engage in curatorial activities in order to learn more about themselves and develop a better understanding of, and empathy for, other communities.

Spice is an EU-H2020 funded project dedicated to citizen curation of cultural heritage.

Social cohesion, Participation, and
Inclusion through

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We foster diverse participation in the heritage domain​

Citizen curation

Citizens are supported in developing interpretations of cultural objects, working together to present their collective view of life, and gaining an appreciation of alternative cultural viewpoints.


We collaborate with museum professionals and citizens to design methods that can be used to develop, annotate, and share personal interpretations of cultural objects.

Social cohesion

We develop tools and methods to assist citizens in appreciating similarities and differences within and across community groups to build empathy and understanding.

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Design citizen curation methods

We use state-of-the-art technologies to develop tools that allow users to create and semantically annotate their own interpretations. Citizens can use the tools to visualise and reflect on their own opinions and engage with a diverse range of perspectives.

A wall with several windows, creating a chess pattern

Inclusive Case Studies

In Spice we selected five different case studies of citizens whose voices are often unheard when it comes to cultural heritage interpretation. We promote a platform of inclusion in which every voice matters and we design every aspect of the project taking this goal into consideration making sure that no one's voice will be unheard. Want to know more about our case studies? Click the button below.

Read more about our case studies

To whom we talk

Heritage institutions

Museums and heritage practitioners that aim to adopt project tools and methods to engage with their patrons.

Community groups

Community organisations and excluded groups that want to codesign and provide feedback on tools and methods.


Social media platforms, newsletters, and local press will help us to reach members of the public that have an active interest in culture.


School teachers and educators that aim to integrate project results into courses and curricula.

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