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SPICE UPDATE: Museum Week special


Welcome to our monthly update of SPICE Project news and recommendations. Before you head off for vacation, check out these highlights from #MuseumWeek2022.

We hope you find it interesting 😊!


Promoting Culture, Society and Innovation

We celebrated #MuseumWeek2022 with a series of SPICE case studies related to this year’s theme of ‘culture, society and innovation’.

Did you miss them? Here’s a look at how SPICE’s case studies contributed.


Language-based approaches to emotion categorization

A complementary account to emotion extraction and classification in #culturalheritage based on the Plutchik’s theory” by Andrea Bolioli, Alessio Bosca, Rossana Damiano, Antonio Lieto and Manuel Striani. This paper presents a combined approach to knowledge-based emotion attribution and classification of cultural items employed in the H2020 project SPICE. In particular, we show a preliminary experimentation conducted on a selection of items contributed by the GAM Museum in Turin (Galleria di Arte Moderna).


The value of slow looking

As part of a recent collaboration, members of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland immersed themselves in art and experienced a world completely removed from work. Doctors explored the IMMA Collection through the eyes of chronically ill teenagers from @HeliumArts Youth Advisory Group, who curated their own response to the Queer Embodiment exhibition, with a SPICE Citizen Curation script titled ‘Uncomfortably Beautiful’, which shared their perspectives on works by Alice Maher and other artists.

Read more about their reactions

This is just a snapshot of the many activities we are carrying out within the SPICE Project.

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